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Question: What is the Difference between Powder coating and Zinc Dichromate?
Answer: To make it simple Powder coating is a coating that is bonded to the metal using heat and an electrostatic process which adheres the paint to the surface and is a much more durable than spray paint, or other rust inhibitors. Brake cleaners and wheel cleaners do not affect the finish. It also emits near zero volatile chemicals (VOC). Zinc Dichromate is a rust inhibitive coating that is applied a surface to prevent rust and corrosion; there is pigments that can be added to the Zinc Dichromate to give it a painted or shinny appearance, however there are everyday cleaners and wheel cleaners that will remove the finish (The Zinc Dichromate is still in the metal) however the finish that you see may disappear sooner than you than desired.
Question: Is the powder coating only applied to the hat (Top) of the rotor.
Answer: Powder coating is applied to the complete rotor (Veins, inside and outside, including slots and drill hole surfaces) the rotor is powder coated before it has the final non directional braking surface finish completed.
Question: Will the powder coating affect the brake pads.
Answer: The Powdering is removed from the braking surface of the rotor during the application of the non directional finish which is the final process. Unlike a Zinc Dichromate finish Zinc Dichromate is applied as a last process, so once you start driving the vehicle the Zinc Dichromate is being removed from the braking surface by your new brake pads.
Question: How fast will my order ship?
Answer: All orders ship within 24 hours (1 Business day) excluding weekends and holidays.
Question: How fast will my order arrive?
Answer: Most orders arrive within 2-3 business days. Please see our shipping policies for a map showing transit times.
Question: Will my brake rotors rust?
Answer: The braking surface (Area on the rotor that the brake pads make contact with the rotor) is an exposed metal surface so yes depending on rain, humidity, or if a vehicle is parked for a long duration the braking surface may show signs of surface rust. This is normal and once the vehicle is driven that surface rust will disappear and will have no effect on the braking performance.
Question: Which way do the drill holes and slots go on my car?
Answer: The top of the curved slot should be pointing towards the rear of the vehicle.
Question: What is the difference between Ceramic and Carbon Fiber brake pads.
Answer: Carbon Fiber is a Hybrid version Ceramic Pad. Carbon Fiber is a more expensive material used to reduce the amount of Copper used in the friction braking material. With the use of Carbon Fiber we are able to reduce our copper content while increasing the performance and making it more environmentally safe.
Question: When will I receive my tracking information?
Answer: Tracking information is sent the day the order ships. You will receive the tracking information in the email address assigned to your account.
Question: Do I need to modify your product to fit my vehicle.
Answer: No all of our products are designed to replace the original product removed from the vehicle without modifications of any kind.